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StartStrong Marketing was designed to bring the best talent across the creative industry together to serve clients in a strategic, results-driven and innovative way, bridging together every marketing discipline to help our clients grow.


You need cohesive branding with continuity in application.

social media

Use it well and with authentic purpose; otherwise, you’re just another post.


Attention spans are short and content is king. Drive the message home with brand relevant videos.


Target your customers where they are to get the most ROI for your ad spend.


We think before we act. Strategy drives our creative and execution.

content development

If you can’t describe what you do, why will anyone purchase your products or services? Say it well.

Account Management

Why do any of these things if they fail at execution? We keep projects on time and on budget.

Website Design & Execution

This is the first and last stop before the deal is made - make it count.

A few of our favorite clients


Driving a brand is like driving a car. It helps to know where you’ve been, where you are and of course, where you are going. At StartStrong Marketing, we spend time with each client to help them better understand these milestones and partner with them to create a custom roadmap map for their brand’s destination. The partnership between us is unique; we truly become part of our client’s companies, making every decision and recommendation as if our own brand and reputation were on the line. We evaluate each risk and reward, the opportunities and threats, and all strengths and weaknesses of the organization, to curate a comprehensive marketing strategy that delivers on sales goals, company growth and brand reputation.


Once we have determined our dream destination, our team of designers work to create or reform the brand into one that will better position them for industry excellence. Branding is the cornerstone of all we do and establishing, protecting and positioning the brand in our clients’ fields of expertise is our strength.


Describing our clients’ services is fundamental to any marketing initiative or campaign. Our clients are often interested in one thing – growing their business. Messaging, product descriptions, service values and exposing fundamental operations to your business model should be thoughtfully crafted and expertly communicated. Content development is the key to reaching your new or existing customers and instilling confidence they need to invest in your services.


Websites are table stakes. This is your storefront. Customers will either be interested and engaged or not – and this all happens very quickly. It’s been proven that you only have about 30 seconds to entice customers on your home page with content, visuals and reasons to buy. If they are turned off or confused, on to other competitors they go. Our clients not only receive more traffic to their site through strategic SEO and optimization, but their potential customers stay longer and return to the site.


Long attention spans are in short supply. Leveraging video on your site, on your social pages and in advertising can help get the key messages and branding across quickly and with measured success. Videos can tell a brand story, help sell a product or service, or motivate a customer to follow your brand and stay connected with your company.


Who said it first or loudest is no longer the rule of thumb. Being thoughtful about your content, relevant to your audience and cognizant of cultural topics takes some expertise. Too many companies have failed and abandoned their customers due to poor social media messaging and ‘box checking’ approaches. We will help advise, create and monitor social media content and performance to not only help grow your audience, but protect your brand from unforeseen landmines that could undermine your company’s success.


Advertising should not be left to Google alone. There are many options to spread the word about your brand and your services. We help make sure that you are aware of the best places for exposure and help secure the best rates and placements for your brand’s exposure.



We go the extra mile to ensure that the work you have entrusted us to execute is completed on time and on budget.
Our operational process, when followed, will meet this goal 100%, every time.


CONCEPTS are the initial look and feel applied in design format for a given project. Decisions made here will impact the visual direction, photography, and design elements for the full project.


This proof will include the build out of the project from decisions made during the CONCEPT phase. This proof should include copy and messaging as well as visual applications.


Design should be 50 - 70% complete at this phase and proof round. Full messaging has been developed, all visuals applied, and a functional proof for the entire project is provided for feedback.


At FINAL APPROVAL, the project design should be 80-90% complete. There should be minimal changes to copy and visuals at this proof. Client approvals are required here for project completion.


During EXECUTION the project and program are being implemented. It could be final files, print-ready deliverables, or launch date for websites or other digital deliverables going live.

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