We hope this note finds you well, secured and thriving in your health and business.

Fatigue with our current situation has set in all around.  The constant and shocking news cycles and bleak economy predictions give way into frustration, a sense of lack of control and pointless efforts in attempting to predict what Q2 and Q3 hold for our organizations.

At StartStrong our tagline is Launching Success Stories.  We believe that every setback can be a setup.  We know that with every downturn there is an uptick.  This pandemic is no different.  What may look like harm and disruption, will soon give way to opportunity and prosperity.

While we wait for brighter days ahead, find ways your organization can write your Success Story.  What services can you provide at discounted rates to help a struggling vendor? Where can you inspire your colleagues to sponsor food drives, give blood or raise donations for local charities?  Have you thought about more than your bottom line and slipping margins during this crisis than others around you?  We realize you may be worried about your business’ health and longevity – we all are.

But what if today, we channel our worry into action.  We get to choose how we respond to what is happening around us.

How do you want your organization to be remembered in this crisis?  That is one decision you have full control over how to make.

Once you make that decision to serve, let the world know.  Not from a self-serving, self-promoting way, but to encourage others to do the same.  Your actions may spur another organization to follow suit and that is where real change begins to happen.

Are you ready to Launch Your Success Story? We think you are.