These days when we hear the word “yokes” we think of those bright yellow circles (a.k.a yolks) packed with protein as a healthy way to start the day. But, just 200 years ago, the other “yoke” was a part of life – and not just the edible ones. Before there were high-powered machines, weather reports, distribution centers and the FDA, there were just farmers. Farmers used oxen to plow fields and produce as much food supply as possible before the drought or heavy rains came again. A typical full grown male ox can pull it’s own body weight approximate 2,000 pounds. But, this would only yield so much and ox can only work so many hours a day before exhaustion sets in. The farmers were able to use a double yoke system partnering together a mature ox with a younger ox. This produced three very important results: First, the weaker ox learned how to plow from the senior ox. Number two: When tied together, the oxen could pull twice their weight each (8,000 pounds) and lastly, neither ox had to work any harder for better results. We don’t see a lot of yokes any more, but we experience them nonetheless. The power of two can have a dramatic effect on productivity and the effort put towards achieving results, when teams work in tandem. Jesus said, “Take up my yoke, it is easy and my burden is light.” Are you partnering with someone and achieving growth, strength and results? If not, it’s time to use your yoke. And for good measure, eat one too.