It has always been illusive to me – “love what you do and do what you love”. I love having a job. I love being around fun, smart people. I love helping my organizations and team members grow; seeing the positive results from days and months of hard work and effort come to pass. But, I’ve yet to experience all of these in one place.  I would see glimpses of promise, but rarely did it seem to last. As I look back I see now there was a misappropriation of talent, time and effort. If any of these of had been slightly adjusted – by either myself or from those to whom I reported – results would have turned out very differently. Hopefully, leaders and organizations will soon begin to fully embrace that their people – all their people – have gifts that have not been opened, talents that are slumbering and strengths that lay dormant. Let’s wake up and open our gifts in 2019. Start with your gift and then help others open theirs. It’s truly the gift that keeps on giving.