Spin classes are tough. The varying speeds and resistance coupled with a heart rate of 160 BPM and screaming muscles all tell you to stop – and, you’re not even going anywhere. It’s all stationary. Seriously. We are working this hard and literally going nowhere. What is also equally interesting is there is a brand of stationary bikes called “Life Cycle” used at YMCA’s spin classes I’ve attended. Which, as the name implies, you should be cycling for your life, your well-being and your health. But, the other day, for the first time in the five years I’ve been spinning away on my bike, I read this differently. Working hard yet gaining no physical ground is actually the point of spin. Spinning around and around can be exhausting and when we don’t see immediate results, we want to give up. I know if I focus my effort, I can ride longer and harder than I could last Tuesday. Did I literally climb a mountain? Did I traverse a winding road with ups and downs and twists and turns? I actually did. I didn’t see them, but I accomplished them. I felt them and I improved. And, I plan on doing it all again next Tuesday. The constant spin and going nowhere could get you in a rut. Your “Life Cycle” is just that – a cycle. Up your effort, see your bike (problem) for what it is – a training ground. You can take the hill, you can increase the speed, you can climb the mountain and you’re not even going anywhere. Or, are you?