There are millions of articles and lots of smart people who promote the importance of employee training. Often, it takes the form of checklists, binders, lectures, power points and the like when it comes to onboarding a new hire. Unfortunately, often employee training doesn’t occur at all. Training for anything worthwhile takes quite a bit of effort. An investment of time and from my experience, a whole lot of grit, discipline and pain points. I’ve  trained a handful of times (physically and at work) and the places were I invested the most, I reaped the greatest victories. Could you imagine trying to go run a 10k without having trained? Or, trying to build a website without learning about hosting, HTML and design? How about joining a group of complete strangers, all looking at you, wondering if you have what it takes to get the job done and then going in to a meeting where you understand about every third word.  Been there, done that. I find it interesting that the word marathon comes from the victory the Greeks enjoyed over the Persians in a town called Marathon. Pheidippides was the runner delivering the news of this victory, and once he did he fell over dead. He wasn’t well trained and took on a task he could only barely accomplish. In addition, I also find it interesting the phrase “it’s all Greek to me” is one we use often when confused. The first Olympics took place in Greece in 776 BC.  This concept of training has clearly been around awhile and perhaps there is something we can learn from our ancient ancestors about training and winning. The next time you say, “it’s all Greek to me” hope it’s not because you were confused but because you conquered.