When I first started my career, in 2000, the tide was just starting to change. Women were taking more leadership positions, the workplace was starting to fully embrace technology and Gen X was rising in the ranks. Just recently I noticed how my degree at my alma mater has changed since the time I earned it. It now has incorporated human resources, entrepreneurship and e-commerce classes that were not part of the curriculum in the mid-90’s. The professor who instructed the majority of my upper classes left me with two impressions: the first being a lot of light blue eye-shadow and the second was a wagging finger. I can’t tell you how many times we saw her close her eyes and wag her finger to the class as if we were all third graders. Fast forward twenty years, and now we have a much more progressive workplace but still find a crowded field of outdated consultants and old-school methodologies that not only don’t inspire the younger generations, but alienate them with their lecturing antics and stuffy suits. Who wants to be lectured these days about how younger generations are disrupting corporate America and how selfish we are for wanting our vision of the American dream to come to pass. I think it’s time for a better way. A high five approach versus the wagging finger may be just want your workplace needs to connect these generations and start moving towards the future instead of hanging on to the past. Atta-boy.