The boomerang effect is always at play. What you give to others will always come back to you. If you are serving, mentoring and sponsoring others, you will elevate your station and those good deeds will come back to you in new blessings. Consider a time when you put your effort and time into someone else, with no strings attached or reciprocal expectation desired. What happened? If you give it some thought you may recall a lucky break or “blue bird” that came your way in the form of an unexpected blessing right around that time of service to someone else.

Patience is not my virtue, but I’ve seen enough bumps in my road to know that I have very little control over the time it takes for mountains to move. If you’re playing the game of job seeking (or dating) keep your standards high. Expect the role that is designed for you and nothing less. Know that you are unique and your gifts to others are like no other gifts that anyone else can bring. You have what it takes; you were created that way, to have an abundant life full of promotion and partnerships. Keep going, keep putting your all in it every day and serve someone else along the arduous journey. Your faith will go through the roof and I bet your blessings will too.