5 Ways to Get Back on Track in 2020

Sales and marketing should work together like peanut butter and jelly, but sometimes they are more like oil and water.  In this new climate, sales will be the focus for offsetting the deficits that a near halt in the economy created this spring. Start here to find out how you can course correct and get back on track for your sales in 2020.

1. Adjust Your Goals

Adjust your sales expectations in Q3 and Q4. What you thought you’d achieve in 2020 when you were planning in 2019 may no longer be feasible.  Make a new plan, have stretch sales goals, but be realistic in what you need to stay healthy and afloat. Consider using the SMART goal method: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely


2. Prioritize Your Lines of Business

Decide what lines of business are more profitable and more obtainable and center your team and company resources around those.  You may want to close the marquis client and offer those new services and products this year, but your bread and butter needs to be on the table first.  Perhaps instead of launching that new product line or service, you carve more room and budget to go broader and deeper on your core business offerings.  Don’t take the new line of business completely off the radar, but consider how you can keep the backbone of the organization in tack so you can be ready to launch that new line in 2021.


Prioritize lines of business

3. Spend your marketing dollars wisely

Sales will need support from marketing and marketing needs to align and deliver what the sales teams need.  Just doing stuff to do them doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. Instead, look at your marketing and ad budgets and determine how you can get the most mileage from those dollars. Would the sales team benefit from quick form videos to send to prospects? Or would they benefit more from a better presentation to show prospective clients? Would a promotion help with brand awareness or would an updated website be better? The goal for everyone should be to convert leads to customers, so make sure you are putting your marketing dollars in the right place.

Spend marketing dollars

4. Analyze and Adjust

Stay nimble and flexible. This year is going to be a roller coaster so go with the ups and downs. Once you figure out a direction, give it 30 days to see the impact. If you want to sow seeds of sales in July, you need to start planting those seeds in late May.  Give your team and outreach efforts the time they need to develop new relationships, produce new materials and activate those in the appropriate channels.  Then, if your engagements, prospects and metrics aren’t going the direction you need them to, be ready to adjust.  B2B and B2C markets can be fluid and unpredictable in healthy markets, don’t get discouraged. Adjust the plan.


5. Pick your partner

Now is not the time to juggle multiple partners and vendors you don’t know, you don’t like or you don’t trust. Find a good partner in whatever field of expertise you need and vet them well.  Many partners will be selling services that you don’t know how to do that is what makes them valuable to you. Make sure that they come from a highly recommended source, strong referrals, and a portfolio of work that you admire.  There is no time to settle on mediocrity when you’re trying to bring your bottom line up.  Expect more and chose wisely.

marketing partner

Above all – keep going. Monitor performances.  Did you see a lift in the number of website visitors? Did you send emails or launch social media campaigns? If so, how did those perform? Knowing how your decisions are tracking will help you adjust quickly and use the balance of the year to change or decide to stay the course. For more information about how StartStrong can help you bounce back, contact us today at info@start-strong.com.